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S04E31 - Unbinding Part 2

September 27, 2022

In order for one to rise, another must fall. Are Casey, Esther, and Glenn strong enough to do what's necessary, or will the Drowned God awaken?


Sincerest thank you to our villains and friends who were amazing enough to guest star on this episode:

We're going to be at Save Against Fear in York, PA on October 8th-9th! In person! With our actual skin suits! Come see us and support a great cause.

Had questions along the way? Dying to know something specific about our lore? Bring your questions to our Discord server, and we'll be answering them in a live Q&A on our Twitch channel on October 20th at 7pm CDT.



"Anticipation" by David Fesliyan at 0:37.

"Pitch Black," "Trust Me," "Demon at the Door," "Ancien Ceremony," "The Story Behind Her Smile," and "Mourning Day" by Nicolas Jeudy at 4:59, 7:09, 09:05, 11:16, 18:32 and 35:07 (respectively). Dark Fantasy Studio, 2015.

"Machina," "Goliath," and "The Restoration" by Scott Buckley at 21:18, 27:03, and 45:23 (respectively). Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.