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S01E03 - Destabilized - Part Three

June 5, 2018

After several harrowing encounters with the malicious entity in the Houghton House, the investigators finally find a piece of the puzzle that will let them out of the house. That proves easier said than done as the entity doesn't want to let them go without a fight. Can the Lovelycraftians escape the Houghton House in one piece? Will they learn the house's secrets? Stay tuned...

Our promo this week features our friends at Modified Roll. If you're into DnD 5e, taverns, adventure, and taverns, this is the podcast for you!



"Clash Defiant" by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

"The Goldbach Conjecture" by SavfkLicensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0