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Our Players

May 22, 2018


Get to know the players whose intrepid investigators flirt with madness and chaos.


Cassie - The Game Mistress

As the Game Mistress, it is Cassie's job to plunge our heroines into darkness and Sanity loss. She writes the story, interprets the rules, and does her best to entertain while keeping the game on-track. Cassie is a technical writer by day and suspects she should have been more specific when she said she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Once upon a time, her horror flash fiction was published in a now-defunct literary journal. She also holds a prestigious place in the Winner's Circle with Ink & Blood, an improv writing dueling group. Or at least she would, if such a secret society existed, which it most certainly does not and absolutely cannot be found at She has been a player in her fiance's Call of Cthulhu game for almost two years, and her fiance was gracious enough to let her GM some one-off adventures of her own. Having a taste for investigator blood, she set out to form her own cohort of unsuspecting victims: The Lovelycraftians.


Amanda - Investigator

A dog trainer and anti-Breed Specific Legislation advocate, Amanda was raised in Chicago, though she truly believes that there was a mix up with the storks and was supposed to be delivered in England. She hopes to someday to make the entire world smile and more hopeful that it won’t be a meme. Very confused with her zodiac. She loves history, architecture, baking, animals, and nature. To put it simply, Amanda loves all things odd on this strange, beautiful rock that we call Earth (our home). This is her first time playing a dice RPG and writing a bio about herself.


Ashley - Investigator

Ashley is an intrepid investigator and civil engineer on loan from New York City while she's conquering Chicago. An anime lover and avid gamer, Ashley looks forward to her future as a cat lady. We think she's definitely found the right crowd to enable her cat lady training.


Sade - Investigator

Sade Smith-Edwards (SAS-E) is UX/UI Designer by day and Web Comic Artist and Illustrator by night. She loves (read: is addicted to) coffee and espresso drinks and tends to wear several different hats at the same time while workin' it in the process. Check out her supernatural webcomic, The Othersiders, at


Samantha - Investigator

Samantha lives in Chicago but is originally some South New Jersey. She thinks she is really funny, but whether that is true or not remains a mystery. Besides being funny, Samantha is a writer, visual artist, and photographer. She has read her work at a number of shows throughout Chicago, including Reading Under the Influence and Bring Your Own Diary. Her photography captures the art of live performance. You can see her work at LaFountain Photography on Facebook. She co-producers a live lit and improv show called Bring Your Own Diary and produces Women’s Comics Night at Challengers Comics in Chicago.