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Guest Stars

May 22, 2018


Our occasional guests/party crashers.



Cash is an attention whore with an affinity for dice. His Charm skill is very high, but with a Chaotic Neutral alignment, he's not to be trusted. He is likely to crash every game by jumping in someone's lap, stealing dice, or being a general nuissance for attention. 




Mera is a very sweet girl with an affiinity for feet. Her Intelligence is high enough that she knows how to get what she wants without being quite as obvious as her younger brother. She is likely to crash the game by playing (gently) with everyone's feet under the table, plopping in laps, or playing with the loudest toy she can possibly find.




Yeti is the old man of the house. His Constitution is fine from a health perspective, he's just lazy and likes to listen in from his perch on the back of the couch. He is not likely to crash the game except to distract with how sweet and mellow he is, or maybe to complain that his food bowl is only 3/4 full.